17 de abril de 2010

About Victorious: Victoria Justice

Victoria's acting career began at age 8, with an Ovaltine commercial, and just like her character Tori, she attended a performing arts school when she was 11. She joined Nickelodeon in 2005 playing Lola Martinez on "Zoey 101." Recently, she guest starred in the iCarly movie, "iFight Shelby Marx," as championship fighter Shelby Marx. Victoria also guest starred on "True Jackson, VP" and will pop up on the new series, "The Troop." A triple threat, Victoria acted, sang, and danced in the 2009 Nickelodeon movie-musical "Spectacular!" with her "Victorious" co-star Avan Jogia. Victoria will soon star in "The Kings of Appletown" with Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

IN VICTORIOUS: Victoria Justice as Tori Vega: Tori is funny and talented and she's about to experience the biggest change of her life. Tori Vega is 16 years old and starting school at Hollywood Arts, where she'll practice her "craft" (acting, singing, and dancing), make new friends and make a new enemy-high school is rough like that sometimes. Though Tori was invited to come to the prestigious school, she doesn't get it. Her sister, Trina, has always been the star of the Vega family. When Tori finally does start to realize her own awesome abilities, her life changes even more and in ways she never imagined.

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